• Salva Rey

    Mister Furia



    Besides his activity as a songwriter, arranger and singer in The Pinker Tones, Salva has developed a parallel activity over the last few years, teaching music through the ukelele, one of his instrumental obsessions. He recently published the handbook "Ukelelala; aprende a tocar el ukelele en familia" and teaches ukelele to children, adults and musicians every monday afternoon. In the last years he has also invested an important amount of time to his devotion for art, in particular digital art. In 2015 he was appointed project manager of the SÓNAR PLANTA project, that lasted till 2017, and he had the chance to supervise the work of Art+Com, Semiconductor and Daito Manabe + Rhizomatiks for the Sónar Festival in Barcelona. Currently he is working on different literary projects that will be unveiled soon. He is also touring Europe and the USA along with Alex Borstein and her project The Amstergang.